IT Specialist and Web Developer
Стара Загора
длъжност на непълно работно време

IT Specialist and Web Developer

Стара Загора длъжност на непълно работно време

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Earth Forever Foundation

Описание на позицията

Job Name: IT Specialist and Web Developer

Job Level: Executive

Main purpose: Builds project website and social media profiles; responsible for regular upgrade and maintenance of project webpage hosted on LP website.

Specific conditions for the job: Expertise in building online publications of the project.

Studies required for the job: University degree in Graphic Design, Web design or any other related IT studies.
Computer skills: MS Office, database management, statistical software, internet skills

Languages: English (fluent), Bulgarian (fluent).

Working experience: At least 5 years’ working experience in any of the above-mentioned fields, incl. in multi-languages environment.

Skills required: Ability to build and produce a website, design the website and maintain and upgrade the website as matters of the Project progress. Experience in building and maintaining profiles in social media.

Specific requirements: Good experience in teamwork and working with people of both genders, people of diverse ethnic, religious, and national groups. Must have ability to work under pressure and produce requested results at required deadlines.

Responsibilities: Apart from online publications of the Project, online promotion, branding of the Project, the IT Specialist and Web Developer will work closely with the Communication Specialist and Photographer In the area of internal and external media events; production of expert media materials suitable for still photography and video expositions; must have ability to work independently to adequately prepare for all events associated with the project and the project partners.

Location: Project is implemented across Maglizh municipality
Note: The position is appropriate as a second job
Interested candidates to send CV and Motivation Letter via Apply button