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Sales Professional

flexible / home and in the field free-lancer Between 2000 and 3000 bgn

About us

Who are we?
We are a team of sales professionals with valuable professional experience. We were founded as the very first sales agency in Slovakia. In 4 years of operation, we have worked with more than 250 satisfied clients. We have trained more than 380 salespeople and we are ready to help other companies as well. For us, business is a job we love to do. We operate in more than 4 countries and are growing rapidly into other markets.
Why us?
Flexible working hours
Work from home
Multiple vacation days + summer Fridays off
Positive working team
Training and career growth

At Deal Factory, we can fit around your time. It's up to you what time your work, the important thing is that the results come. You'll work surrounded by awesome people who make up a strong and stable team. We are all motivated and hungry for new knowledge. That's why you'll learn, attend conferences, read, and analyze. We work with a diverse range of clients and we do not look away from interesting start-ups, where you'll learn best how things work in the world of business and commerce. You definitely will not be stagnating with us. With us, you have the opportunity to grow in all aspects, including your career.
We are looking for a new fearless team member who can understand our client's business and product challenges, handle communication with them on a daily basis, and handle whatever it takes.


What do we do?
We help businesses find their customers based on a strategic sales process. We educate and select the best salespeople in the market. We sell our clients' exciting technology products. We acquire customers for our clients and also get feedback on their products. No, we don't sell pots or bamboo socks. All of our clients are carefully selected and we have full confidence in their products. And we'll have full confidence in you, too.
What role will you play on our team?
Your role will be to look after our clients thoroughly. You will create a contact database for each client entrusted to you.
You will regularly shape your sales skills. On a monthly basis, you will interact with customers to make sales. Such communication includes a hotline of 20+ phone calls per day and quick fingers in writing emails and LinkedIn messages. The results of your work will need to be written up. We will look back at all customer feedback and comments this way. This will help us in future communications.
You will work very closely with the founders of the start-ups we work with. You will meet with different customers to whom you will present our client's product. You will learn to listen carefully to the customer and record requests for technical product changes.

Requirements and necessary skills

What do you need for this position?
At least 1 year of experience in B2B sales.
Units are an important number in our minds, so we would like you to have a minimum of a first degree.
Communication in English as you will be part of an international team.
Independence and conscientiousness.
Different situations will arise in the course of your work and therefore we will want you to work hard and thoroughly. We set targets when we work and we meet them. You will therefore need to be proactive and organized. If you can react promptly and can adapt to the situation quickly, you've won.
Communication at a high level.
As a salesperson, you'll need impeccable communication skills. Both verbal and written. It's the gro of your job, so you can't limp along.
A willingness to travel within the country you are operating in.
Our clients and customers are located in different places, so you'll be expected to travel frequently for work.
Playing sports fosters competitiveness and this will come in very handy at work. It pays to be able to skate out of any situation, even skating within the context of a sporting performance.

We offer

What do we offer you?
For your work, you will receive an interesting fix and an incentive bonus. You will work full-time or part-time with flexible hours and freedom. We don't want to tie you down to a consistent 8 hours. We realize that this will not improve performance.
You'll be moving around mainly in the field, so you'll definitely will not be bored behind a computer all day.

At Deal Factory, we're all hungry for knowledge, so we'll inundate you with new information, and by working with award-winning people and experts in sales, you'll be in for some valuable on-the-job experience. You won't stagnate in place with us, but our program will move you forward quickly.
You can look forward to working with our great team in a friendly working atmosphere. To make sure we don't get burnt out and sad about life, we have extra days off. You'll also get to enjoy the sunshine, which will recharge you with the energy you definitely need with us.
If you've found yourself and you're ALL IN, drop us a line and tell us why you can't miss being part of our team.
Please also attach your CV. We look forward to hearing from you!
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