JobTiger completed its participation in "Active Services for the Labour Market" project

Tuesday, 12 December 2006
Labor market in Bulgaria has been recently witnessing an interesting phenomenon: the question of How to find a job at all? has been replaced by another one - Which is the most suitable job for me and how to find it?.
To explain that we should point out that there is a strong connection between the countrys economic growth and revival of traditions in professional orientation in the educational system, as well as the flourishing of the idea that career development is a lifetime project. We should add to these factors funding received from European and other international programs aiming to built up sustainable mechanisms for effective functioning of the labor market. For example the Active Services for the Labor Market Program (ASLM) is part of the Project Social Investment and Encouragement of Employment, for which the Bulgarian government received in 2003 funding amounting to 50 million Euros from the World Bank. The programs purpose is to help society to enlarge and take full advantage of its human capital during the period of economic growth and changing conditions of the labor market.

The one year experience within the ASLM of the biggest professional Internet website for searching and finding job in Bulgaria shows that people from all ages, regardless of their social and economic status, need to be trained and guided through the process of defining their wishes and capabilities on the one hand, on the labor markets trends and opportunities on the other, and on planning and developing their careers. The basic conclusion, made after one year work with unemployed people, is that from the above outlined reasons follow other problems, such as: low level of motivation, passiveness, not taking responsibility for ones career, clashes between wishes and capabilities, bondage to the old stereotypes that to find good job one needs good connections, seasonal unemployment, etc.

To respond to these problems together with the USAID, opened Career Development Centers in 25 universities all across Bulgaria, where career development consultants provide assistance to the clients. All consultants have been trained in the most contemporary certifying program for career development, namely GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator). They are trained to help clients to make decisions for their career development, as well as to assist them in the process of job searching, job application, and preparation for job interviews. Establishing career centers within the educational system and developing training program for the career consultants have been made with one purpose: by the end of 2009 each school in Bulgaria to have at least one career consultant. belief is that career consulting should become an essential element of business management and plans to organize trainings to promote this idea.
Jobtiger.bgs participation in the ASLM program is how important is the involvement and participation of central and local authorities in the whole process. Finding ways of cooperation between employers and job seekers with these authorities is very important for successful development of a society, which takes care for opening opportunities for career development and well being of its members.

Jobtiger.bgs participation in the ASLM Program is ending in December 2006. Nevertheless Jobtiger.bgs activities, aimed to developing sustainable structures and mechanisms for the labor market in Bulgaria will continue, including efforts for making popular career consulting services in Bulgaria.