Olympic IT Games as a Means for Finding a Job? Results!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011
At nine o'clock on May 11th, 2011 were announced the results from the first ever Olympics IT Games in Perl, Java, C and SQL, organized by JobTiger with the support of Comptel.

What happened then ...
The most compelling and inventive solutions to the assigned case studies presented Hristo Georgiev, student 2nd course at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University. As a result of his innovative solutions, the winner got an invitation for a job interview at Comptel, accompanied by a special award – Netbook ACER Aspire.

Twenty-two were the young and ambitious Olympians who for ninety minutes demonstrated knowledge, experience and unusual approach by offering their solutions to the challenging tasks in C, Perl, Java and SQL. Each of them was invited to the Olympic IT Games after a preliminary selection.

After the competition the participants remained in the office of Comptel expecting their results. In a truly informal atmosphere youth overcame distance and concerns and asked various questions to the company's software engineers. In the conversations, joined even representatives of the company's headquarters in Finland.

Meanwhile, the 8-member jury of software engineers, part of which were the managers of three major departments in the company, assessed their works. The check of all works was done at least twice by independent members of the jury. If there was difference in their marks with more than two points third representative of the jury determined the final score.

After the assessment, the jury declared that the results have gone beyond their expectations. It turned out that the overall average score of the participants is higher than the average score of candidates who sit for an interview for junior positions.

Twelve of the participants were invited to a job interview, which took place over the next two days.

The winners...

After two days of intense interviews, the names of the competitors who Comptel has made a formal proposal to start work are already known:

Rosen Vladimirov, Technical University
Deyan Peshev, Technical University
Milena Stefanova, Sofia University
Victoria Parusheva, Sofia University
Radoslav Rachev, University of Sofia
Stoyan Tsanev, Sofia University

Despite their final decision, we warmly congratulate the winners and wish them:
“Flying start in their career!A lot of fair winds!”

What shared some of the participants...

“ The fact that the company hires and selects its employees through such an event, shows the company wants to have the best possible staff.”

“Very interesting problems. Thank you, you challenged me!”

"Carry on organizing such kind of events and developing the intellectual potential of Bulgaria! “

“The atmosphere and the team were great and I would be honored to be part of it. I hope you'll keep good feelings for me, as I will never forget these two incredible days, I spent during our meetings. I really hope to develop my skills and one day to be honored to work with you. I wish you success on the Bulgarian, but mostly on the world market; a lot of happiness and luck at every initiative; and success in the private life of each of your team. Once again I want to thank everyone who organized the Olympic IT games and gave me a chance even for a few hours to feel part of a large and united family. Thank You!”
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