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Tuesday, 11 December 2007
The latest job postings and education courses, as well the latest news and events in the calendar are available through JobTiger RSS feeds. JobTiger users can subscribe for each of the following categories of information:
For the users seeking for a job or/and an active course, JobTiger presents two more RSS feeds for receiving specific job postings or/and educational courses. When the users set a search criteria in "Search Jobs" or/and "Courses and Professional Training" section, they will see the button and subsribe for the dynamic RSS feeds. Thus in the RSS feed they will receive only the entries in these sections, that suit their requirements:
The registered employers also can subscribe to a special RSS feed:
  • Latest events
This feed represents the information with the latest events from the profile of each employer in the way they see it on the site. The employers can subscribe for the feed from the "RSS feeds" menu after they enter their registration.
The content of each RSS feed is presented in brief, with title, description and link to the corresponding fulltext page, which leads to quick and easy access to the information on More detailed information about all JobTiger RSS feeds may be found here.
For their easiest access to the information of the site, JobTiger users could add iGoogle Gadget with the RSS feeds on their personalized iGoogle page.

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RSS is a technology that allows generalized presentation of information and it is particularly useful for presenting dynamically changing web content. Special applications–readers make possible the subscription for the RSS feeds. They save the URL address of the feed and then extract the information, presenting it in a simplified format. Every change of this information – updating, deleting and editing, is automatically reflected by these programs. Some of the Internet browsers have a function of a RSS-reader, like Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
Due to the RSS access to the dynamic parts of, the users will receive information about the latest news and events from the labor market by seeing the last changes of the site without even opening it.
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