We are signing agreement for "Coming Home" project

Monday, 20 January 2003
Sofia, January 21th 2003, An official agreement on the Coming Home Project will be signed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Mr. Nikolay Vassilev, the Chairman of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad Mr. Anton Piralkov and the manager of JobTiger Ltd. Mr. Thomas Higgins.

The ceremony will take place on January 21st, 11.00 oclock at the Elieff Center /the building of the new eMBA programme of the AUBG near Hristo Botev Hall in Students town/.

Coming Home Project is focused on Bulgarians working and studying abroad. Its primary goal is to provide full, updated, and professionally presented information about the job market in Bulgaria.

Project coordinators are The Bulgarian Dream Programme of the Ministry of Economy, the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and JobTiger Ltd.