Dentist, the Netherlands
други в чужбина, Нидерландия
длъжност на пълно работно време

Dentist, the Netherlands

други в чужбина, Нидерландия длъжност на пълно работно време

За нас

Dear dentist, we currently have jobs available at one of the bigger dental organizations with +200 dental practices all over the Netherlands. Therefore, we are searching for dentists with the ambition to pursue their professional career in our beautiful country.


Our services:
• Taking care of all administrative and organizational matters;
• Arranging the correct documents for your dental registration;
• Assisting you during a medical oriented Dutch language course;
• Finding suitable housing for you and your family during and after the language course;
• Helping you with insurances, town hall registration and bank account;
• At this very moment the reducing number of dentists is a serious problem in the Netherlands. Therefore, we welcome foreign dentists to live and work in our country.
• But, to register as a dentist in our country, you are required to learn the language. Still interested? We can offer a medical oriented language program and guarantee a job after this course is finished.

Изисквания и необходими умения

We are looking for a dentist:
• With EU nationality and EU dental diploma
• Willing to relocate and learn the Dutch language to B2+ level
(medical oriented language course is offered!);
• Great communication skills, professional attitude and highly motivated;
• With or without experience;
• Willing to make a long-term commitment;
• Available for 3-5 days a week;

Ние Ви предлагаме

We offer:
• The opportunity to work as a general dentist at a location preferred by yourself;
• Very modern practices with state-of-the-art equipment and materials;
• A steady stream of patients and many opportunities for development in a specific field of dentistry in their academy;
• Being part of an experienced team of dentists including well trained assistants
• An employment-based contract with a net salary starting €4500 per month

To apply:
Please send your CV via Apply button.
Contact person: Vitaly Pryadka
Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822

Информация за контакт

Телефон: +44 20 8144 2822