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Expert on Awareness and Capacity Building
Стара Загора / Мъглиж

Expert on Awareness and Capacity Building

Стара Загора / Мъглиж part-time

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Earth Forever Foundation

Job Description

Job Name: Expert on Awareness and Capacity Building

Job Level: Executive

Main purpose: Works closely with municipalities, mayoralties, schools and community centres in the project villages.

Specific conditions for the job: Expertise in environmental monitoring, prevention of water and environmental pollution, with ability to lead in achieving clean water and environment.

Studies required for the job: University degrees in Earth Sciences, Health, Marketing, Education

Computer skills: MS Office, database management, statistical software, internet skills

Languages: English (fluent), Bulgarian (fluent).

Working experience: At least 10 years’ working experience in any of the above-mentioned fields. A higher university degree in any of the fields will be an advantage. Experience in extracurricular education of adults is a must.

Skills required: Ability to prepare agenda for meetings and training, presentation and training skills, systematize communication messages for project partners, mobilizing trainees and communities.

Specific requirements: Good experience in teamwork and working with people of both genders, people of diverse ethnic, religious groups; must work closely with local trainers and trainees and authorities in raising awareness about plastic waste, water protection and wastewater treatment and reuse.

Responsibilities: Supports local schools and community centres to develop sustainable skills gained from the Project; will collaborate with the Technical Expert in the training of communities to use and appreciate sanitation facilities, composting techniques, plastic waste collection. This will include the use of mobile technology related to plastic wastes in river beds and on the community environments. Other related functions.

Location: Project is implemented across Maglizh municipality
Note: The position is appropriate as a second job
Interested candidates to send CV and Motivation Letter via Apply button