Automation Engineer
длъжност на пълно работно време

Automation Engineer

София длъжност на пълно работно време

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Malone Group is an established engineering and safety services company specialising in delivering complex projects for companies in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and utilities sectors.

Offices in Bulgaria, Ireland, UK and Canada.


The Industrial Automation Engineer – PLC/SCADA will be responsible for taking full technical system and control responsibility for any work elements within a contract assigned to them. They will undertake the production of code to the standards required by Malone Group, in line with customer specifications and programme.

The position requires a broad knowledge of, and experience in the range of technical roles and responsibilities carried out by this department. The engineer is also to be aware of all the appropriate elements of the Company’s ISO 9001 Quality System and of other key areas of project administration.

Reports to: Industrial Automation Engineering Manager


The Prime objective is to assume responsibility for the successful achievement of the systems elements of projects assigned to the Industrial Automation Engineer. In particular the meeting of project milestones, project hours and budget.

- To assist in the design of control or information systems, including surveys where required, to meet the operational requirements of our Customer’s objectives, addressing all areas of Industrial Automation Engineering.

- To undertake the technical specification of all systems equipment, licenses and sub-contracted activities, including the raising of purchase orders and progress chasing. Ensure that all equipment and contracts are correctly specified and ordered for delivery at the required time, negotiating best cost and terms of payment for all purchased goods where the possibility exists.

- To oversee the installation of control or information systems on Customer sites, to include all elements of Quality and Technical compliance. Ensuring compliance of the above and meeting the requirements of the contracted programme.

- To undertake aspects of off-site and on-site testing and plant commissioning using appropriate test documentation, including systems simulation and site dry and wet testing procedures.

- To assemble and maintain the elements to which the engineer is responsible in Section 16 of the Project Master File, which relates to the production of software. This file must be produced and maintained during the contract time period and be made available for routine audits under the ISO9001:2008 Malone Group Quality System as necessary.

- To be responsible inputting up to date information relating to their work into the contract Software Progress. Any implications of delays being highlighted need to be discussed with the appropriate Lead Engineer and/or Project Manager and any other interested parties to agree the necessary action to alleviate or recover the situation.

- To undertake work in compliance with software standards produced by Malone Group or the Clients own standards. In parallel with ensuring satisfactory progress, the quality of work produced must be maintained.

- To undertake as appropriate ordering of PLC and PC hardware and software packages necessary to complete a contract. Any variations from Malone Group's tender should be discussed with the appropriate Lead Engineer and/or Project Manager in case extra monies may be recovered from the Client.

- To undertake supply of that information required by the Design Office and to update as changes take place.

- To carry out detailed technical discussions with Clients as appropriate and have an understanding of any commercial implications resulting from such discussions.

- To take an active part in planning the commissioning programme for contracts, including decisions regarding the makeup of the commissioning team.

- To undertake the production and maintenance of control system documentation, for example: - Functional Specifications, Operator Interface, I/O allocation etc. together with the final software and hard copy documentation required by the Client.

- To maintain software backups for software as appropriate produced throughout a contract. Regular backups are essential as defined by Work Instruction W.I. 102.

- To ensure that a copy of all software produced for a contract is archived at the completion of simulation and on completion of the contract. The archived software will be updated if and when further work is carried out on the contract.

- To ensure others work within the requirements of the Malone Group quality system in particular Work Instruction W.I. 102, Design System Manual sections 11 & 12. A summary of which can be found in the engineers Overview and Training Manual.

- To undertake to correctly log contract activity times.

Compliance with the Company’s General Conditions of Employment.

Ensure a professional and tidy approach is maintained within the Ind. Automation Engineering Office.

Complete accurate timesheets within the prescribed time limit.

Present oneself with good demeanour and dress standard when interfacing with the Customer or his agents.

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Competitive Salary or Day Rate.

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