Latona Development
Business and IT Consultant
Страсбург, Франция
длъжност на пълно работно време
Над 5000 лв.

Business and IT Consultant

Страсбург, Франция длъжност на пълно работно време Над 5000 лв.

За нас

Latona Development, an international consultancy and software development company, is a partner to the European Commission and our job opportunities relate to large-scale IT projects that ensure the information infrastructure of the EU.

We are currently looking for Business and IT consultant to provide consultancy support and conduct studies on technical and strategic business issues regarding information systems and IT processes.


• Provide recommendations on improving the structure and efficiency of an organization's IT systems
• Provide support and consultancy for improving efficiency and speeding up internal IT processes
• Provide support for internal service delivery, including providing smooth changes and transitions
• Coordinate complex tasks regarding external stakeholder activities
• Provide strategic guidance with regard to technology and business processes enablement

Изисквания и необходими умения

• Еxperience in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

• Experience providing business and IT consultancy

• Knowledge of Business continuity management processes, including Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Planning, business continuity testing and exercising, risk assessment

• Knowledge of business continuity and disaster recovery planning techniques and technologies

• Capability of integration in an international environment and of participation in multi-lingual meetings

• Good customer service and ability to work with multiple stakeholders

• Excellent written and verbal language skills in English

Ние Ви предлагаме

• Large-scale projects of value and impact
• Opportunity to participate in the establishment of largest IT systems across Europe
• Reliable and multinational work environment
• Competitive remuneration based on defined job levels corresponding to years of experience