Software Developer

Software Developer

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Job Description

We are looking for: SOFTWARE DEVELOPER.

Position - main objectives:
➢ To develop and modify software applications as per predefined functional or
technical specifications.
➢ To collect, research and analyze the requirements on existing and new
➢ To develop, test and support applications corresponding to company needs.

Х To develop and support software applications as per in-house needs;
Х To implement the programs developed, to organize and perform software
testing and validation procedures;
Х To modify and support existing software applications to debug the programs
and to adapt to new software environment; to update the interface and boost
its productivity;
Х To discuss the assigned tasks with his/her direct manager as well as with the
departments that requested these tasks; to consult with the technical staff to
fine-tune the interaction between software and hardware;
Х To debug and test new programs, to optimize the process flows and identify
areas for improvement;
Х To maintain, optimize, plan and carry on disaster recovery tasks of company
Х To document properly new software applications and any modifications on the
Х To plan and report accurately the time spent on different tasks/projects;
Х To prepare, update and document relevant procedures for support of the
programs developed

Х Bachelor/Master in IT/Software Engineering or Informatics;
Х Strong skills in Oracle PL/SQL
Х Delphi/Pascal, C++ or C#
Х WEB development Ц HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery;
Х ColdFusion, PHP or other web programing platforms;
Х Ability to write database driven applications;
Х Good level of written and spoken English;
Х Ability to react fast in stressful situations;
Х Good communicator and team player;

The Ideal candidate would possess one, possibly two skills from the following
Х Experience in software development with any of the following:
o Delphi/Pascal, C++ or C#
o WEB, JavaScript, ColdFusion;
o Oracle/PL SQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL;
Х Experience with industrial computers, managing of real-time processes,
communication via RS interface;
Х Experience with Delphi and ColdFusion;
Х Skills in administrating Linux/Oracle will be considered a plus;

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Contact Information

Phone: 0897 902220

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