Executive Director
Gorna Orjahovitza
длъжност на пълно работно време
Над 5000 лв.

Executive Director

Gorna Orjahovitza длъжност на пълно работно време Над 5000 лв.

За нас

Our family business has a long tradition in the production of die-cutting tools for the packaging industry and is a part of a multinational group of elite cutting tool manufacturers in Europe. This is precision engineering production, which we want to advance to an international level.


Result of your work will be a perfectly organized company,
- where everyone knows what to do;
- where production capacity is full;
- where orders are delivered to customers on time and in first-class quality;
- where doors are open to foreign trade.

We are looking for a partner who will help us turn a domestic company into a top and respected manufacturer of cutting tools for foreign markets.

Your task will be to get involved in the process of new development of the company and to introduce high standards of operation, set up efficient order processing and adjust the business to cross borders.

Изисквания и необходими умения

We expect you to be an open and creative person, active in searching for ways to achieve results. You should be the cause of things moving forward, and should be willing to listen and learn all the time. You need to focus on goals: you should be able to set them independently and combine them with the goals given by the company owners.
Requirements for this position include your previous measurable achievements (ideally in technical areas and production) and excellent English.

Ние Ви предлагаме

Our values are based on honesty, ethics, purposefulness, diligence, loyalty and cooperation.

You will receive support from our corporate group so that you can align yourself with our principles, introduce the best of those principles into practice, and at the same time you will be provided with enough space to apply your experience.

You need to be able to get along with people and manage them. However, you will probably have to make unpopular decisions in the interest of the company. We need you to understand the corporate economics and emphasize the economy of production.

We offer you the opportunity to lead the company in a progressive manner, satisfy your ambitions for growth and increasing competences, perform high goals and influence the direction of the industry in the region.

We are ready to evaluate you according to your real results and we will create the conditions for them to be the best.

Информация за контакт

Телефон: +420778111688

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