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Senior Auditor - Sofia

Senior Auditor - Sofia

София full-time

Job Description

General duties:
Organizes and manages the performance of audit at DSK Bank’s Head Office and the Bank’s subsidiaries in compliance with the relevant internal regulations of IAD by compiling of the Audit Program, performing with due professional care the tasks, specified in the Audit

Program, which means in general:
- collecting, processing and analyzing of all the facts, data and documents related to the audited process;
- applying of appropriate audit methods, techniques, procedures and questionnaires;
- using of modern technical tools and technologies during audits;
- preparing of independent assessment of the risks based on the collected facts, data and documents;
- formulating of justified, documented findings with the relevant corrective and preventive recommendations regarding all deficiencies revealed during the audits.
- assessing the comprehensiveness and updatedness of the relevant internal regulations;
- assessing the compliance of the audited subject with the relevant legal and internal regulations;
- determining the main risk areas and points to be audited, including the risks, which might prevent reaching the Bank’s relevant strategic, business or other objectives;
- assessing the existence and efficiency of the controls to mitigate these main risks;
- analyzing the relevant governance and risk management activities of the Bank, as well as the fulfillment of the taken, relevant management decisions and HQ requirements;
- assessing the risks of the audited processes;
- assessing the effectiveness of the audited processes and possibilities of cost savings;
- assessing the fulfillment of agreements and undertaken engagements.

Coordinates the audit team activity during audits by:
- allocating the tasks between the auditors of the audit team;
- advising the auditors in the analysis of the audited activity, the formulation of findings and conclusions, documentary justification of the findings.

Ensures high quality audit performance by applying the rules laid down in the relevant internal regulations.
Organizes meetings and interviews with the auditees; provides the relevant communication to the auditees during the audit, especially on the Kick-off and Exit meetings.
Together with the other members of the audit team, prepares the Audit Report on the results of the performed audit.
Organizes and prepares special researches for the purposes of internal audit, in compliance with the activity plan of the Directorate and Department.

Master degree in Master degree in Economics, Accountancy or Law or other related field

Minimum of 3 (three) years in internal or external auditing;
Experience in auditing of a financial institution is an advantage.
Experience in applying modern internal audit standards, procedures methods, tools and techniques.
Good computer literacy.
Active oral and written, at least B2 level English language knowledge is a must.

CIA or ACCA certification is an advantage.

Good analytical and problem resolving skills.
Excellent communication and writing skills.
Excellent co-operation and teamwork skills.
Good organizing and managing skills.
Innovative thinking.
Mental and behavioural stability under pressure.
DSK Bank offers:
Excellent opportunities for professional and career development in one of Bulgaria’s leading banks;
Food vouchers in the amount of 200 BGN per month;
25 paid holiday leave;
Additional Health Insurance;
Favorable conditions for housing and mortgage lending, as well as for bank products and services;
Preferences for bank products and services;
Annual bonus scheme depending on the achieved results;
Preferential conditions for Multisport / CoolFit card;
Discounts in various companies;
Professional trainings for specific knowledge and skills;
Refer a Friend Bonus.
Documents for application:

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