Portfolio Manager in Corporate Monitoring Directorate
длъжност на пълно работно време

Portfolio Manager in Corporate Monitoring Directorate

София длъжност на пълно работно време

Описание на позицията

General duties:
Early Identification of Credit Risks: Develop robust monitoring systems to identify potential credit risks in corporate portfolios at an early stage, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies.
Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage SQL expertise to extract, manipulate, and analyze complex financial data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic portfolio adjustments.
Portfolio Subsegmentation: Implement subsegmentation of corporate portfolios based on various parameters such as industry sector, geographic location, and financial performance to better understand and manage risk exposures.
Trend Identification: Utilize advanced analytical techniques, including data digging and mining, to identify emerging trends within corporate portfolios, enabling proactive adjustment of investment strategies
Industry Outlook Analysis: Conduct in-depth analysis of industry trends and economic indicators to inform portfolio construction and identify emerging opportunities and threats.
Preparation of Analytical Reports: Develop comprehensive analytical reports and research studies on portfolio performance, credit risk factors, and market trends to facilitate informed decision-making by top management.
Dynamic Visualization: Utilize Power BI visualization tools to create dynamic and insightful dashboards, providing clear and actionable insights into credit risk trends and industry outlooks.

Extensive Experience: Demonstrated expertise in corporate portfolio management within the banking industry, with a strong track record of success in identifying and mitigating credit risks.
Technical Proficiency: Proficiency in SQL for data extraction, manipulation, and analysis, as well as experience in Power BI visualization for dynamic and intuitive data representation.
Analytical Acumen: Strong analytical skills coupled with attention to detail, enabling comprehensive analysis of industry trends and credit risk factors.
Strategic Vision: The ability to develop and execute strategic portfolio monitoring plans that leverage industry outlook analysis to anticipate market shifts and adapt portfolio strategies accordingly.
Proactiveness and Self-Drive: A self-motivated individual with a proactive approach to problem-solving,
Conscientiousness and Diligence: A meticulous and detail-oriented approach to portfolio management, ensuring accuracy and reliability in data analysis and risk assessment.
Openness and Communicativeness: Ability to foster an open and collaborative work environment, effectively communicating insights and ideas to team members and stakeholders.
Pleasure to Work With: A positive attitude and a collaborative spirit that makes you a pleasure to work with, fostering strong team dynamics and achieving collective goals.

DSK Bank offers:
Excellent opportunities for professional and career development in one of Bulgaria’s leading banks;
Food vouchers in the amount of 200 BGN per month;
25 paid holiday leave;
Additional Health Insurance;
Favorable conditions for housing and mortgage lending, as well as for bank products and services;
Preferences for bank products and services;
Annual bonus scheme depending on the achieved results;
Preferential conditions for Multisport / CoolFit card;
Great location – in the heart of Sofia’s city center;
Discounts in various companies;
Internal academies;
Refer a Friend Bonus.
Documents for application:

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