Mechatronic System Program Manager SH
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Mechatronic System Program Manager SH

други в чужбина длъжност на пълно работно време

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Mechatronic System Program Manager SH

Oise - France

The Program Manager:

- Is accountable for the achievement of project targets and objectives (quality, profitability, timing and risks) validated by the management.
- Manages functionally the core team.
- Ensures customer satisfaction.
- Defines quality, profitability & cost targets and leads all project team members to achieve these targets with a permanent focus on cash.
- Respects timing and manages risks.
- Ensures reliability, safety, compliance to norms and regulations of product/system and to ergonomic rules.

Responsibility 1 : Project Plan:
- Builds project plan
For mechatronic system: Builds project plan including schedule for Mechatronic Systems, Components, HW and SW, and insuring convergence.
- Establishes project timing, anticipates deviations and risks and manages corrective actions.
- Ensures management of the project during development until it is closed.
- Ensures management of the project along production period and manages the productivity with effect on product/process.
- Reviews with of contractual and warranty obligations of customer, directed suppliers and third parties.
For mechatronic system : Reviews with Business Development Director or Tank assembly PM content of contractual and warranty obligations of customer, directed suppliers and third parties.

Responsibility 2 : Team Management
- Develops teamwork on a collaborative mode and works in synergy with all project team members to achieve project objectives.
- Take care of adequate resources availability.
- Contributes to appraisal process of core team members.
- Ensures coordination and good information flow between project team and plant(s).

Responsibility 3 : Financials
- Establishes budget and manages development, tooling and other expenses of project within budget objectives and cash optimization
- Issues regular reporting & re-forecasting of project profitability, project development costs, investments and cash (typically monthly).
- Proposes cost savings.

Responsibility 4 : Product/Process
- Masters product and process design to achieve target costs and to meet profitability and cash-in/cash-out targets.
- Makes sure that technical/process choices are made in accordance with quality targets.
- Makes sure that quality targets will be reached, Checking that all quality assessments (FMEA, ...) are done properly.

Responsibility 5 : Customer
- Interfaces with the customer on all project issues, ensures good communication and information flow between
the customer project team (including production sites) and the project team

Responsibility 6 : Steering
- Organizes with the project team regular project meetings (weekly) and project performance reviews (monthly).
- Prepares and presents project to gate reviews (and any other program/project escalation review if necessary).
- Identifies project risks and implements action plans.
- Records project documentation file and shares experience ; Implements "lessons learned process" on the project

- Engineer
- minimum of 3 years of successful Project Management
For mechatronic System
mechanical and/or electronics and/or Mechatronics Engineer

Skills & Abilities
General knowledge : Written and oral mastery of business English - Cross cultural understanding - Other language in accordance with customer requirements
Your technical skills:

- Applied knowledge : Project management - Time management / Planning - Cross-functional team management - Conflict management - Confidentiality management - Financial (e.g. stop invest, P&L, capex, material margin, etc...) - Decisionmaking - Commercial skills - Presentation skills - Risk management, Multi project approach - Coaching ability
- ISS Knowledge : MS Office, MS Project, ERP (SAP, etc...), PLM

Your functional knowledge :

- For mechatronic system: as well as supplier manufacturing processes injection molding, assembly operations including full traceability, EOL testing, HW/SW & traceability in production (reflash operations, etc.)
- Design tools
- Failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), DVP & R
- Engineering fundamentals: Fuel Systems Design, SCR System Design - Procedures: PPAP requirements, management of changes
- For mechatronic system: Engineering fundamentals: SCR System Design - Procedures: PPAP requirements, management of changes
- Bill of Material (BOM)
- Liability and warranty
- Knowledge of IATF16949 and ISO9001 Standards for the function, Quality tools (e.g. APQP, QS 9000,
IATF16949, ISO 14001, statistical process control (SPC), 8D, for mechatronic ISO 26262, SPICE etc.)
- Knowledge on the Customer Specific Requirement, Customer Portal and Customer Specific System for his/her projects
- Knowledge of Quality Process, Problem solving tools, Lessons Learned, Continuous Improvement

Your soft skills:

- Decision Making : Setting up priorities - Deciding and initiating actions - Getting results - Managing pressure - Solving problems
- Strategic Data management : Analytical capacity - Ability to plan and organize - Defining strategies - Writing reports
- Mastery of complexity : Ability to create and innovate - Adapting to change - Being flexible - Future vision
- Influencing skills : Teamwork ability - Ability to communicate information effectively - Convicing and influencing skills - Ability to build relationships
- Propensity to lead : Ability to manage transversally and supervise - Ability to bring out the best in people - Ability to lead with conviction - Self-management ability

SILVERHAND is entered in the Register of intermediary agencies for the Republic of Bulgaria under Nr. 2360

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Телефон: +359 87 65 43 150 +359 87 760 0657

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