About us

JobTiger, a member of JobTiger Business Group, is a career website and HR agency based in Sofia, Bulagaria. The compnany was established in November 2000 by the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund.

JobTiger has been awarded over the years for "Investor in Human Capital and working conditions"; outstanding merits in the development of university career centers and also as the "Largest corporate donator of time and services".

Company vision statement

To provide fully integrated and cost - effective solutions (based on Internet technologies) in the selection of personnel for your company, as well as ongoing training modules to improve the skills of your Managers. In this way we aim to improve the efficiency of the labor market and in turn help improve the economic environment in Bulgaria.

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Address:  13, Veslets Str., fl. 4, ap. 5
1000 Sofia
Tel.:  +359 2 49180 17
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+359 886 696 275
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