Do you know what employer branding means?

Employers BrandingIts not a surprising that only 27% of people have an idea what the employer branding could be. But surely most of them would like to work for the perfect employer. And to receive higher salaries, benefits, extra holidays and much more.

The good news is that there are such employers. The bad one its difficult to identify them.

The whole process of creating, implementing and maintaining a good employers image is so called employer branding. And it requires faith, values, motivation and actions.

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  • Answers
  • Another advertisement trick
    10.55 %
  • A good image of an employer
    15.43 %
  • An attractive job posting
    24.15 %
  • I'm not quite sure
    23.45 %
  • I hear about it for the first time
    26.42 %