The Employer Branding is concept and phenomenon which rules a lot in the human resources field and in modern marketing today.

Employer BrandingInvestments and efforts in development of good employer’s image reflects the level of candidates as well as in their motivation and devotion, their loyalty and ambition to give their best for the success of the company.

It is a fact that the right employer branding is a solid base for building a stable corporate culture and spirit for longer term.
Building a good employer’s image leads to direct results as:
  • Employers with good image receive four times more candidates for their open positions;
  • Employers with good image receive resumes even when they don’t have available job positions;
  • Employers with good image face less turn over;
  • The loyalty of the personnel is higher and stable for longer periods;
... And we don’t even mention the better financial results because "the satisfied clients are result from satisfied employees".

That’s why we – JobTiger - decided to create a space for the companies that understand the benefits of the good employer image and invest in its development. A company can present its activities and reveal why it is important to have satisfied employees and what is the company’s policy about taking care of the personnel.

As almost all the business is struggling for the talents nowadays is the only professional website where all the talents are looking for better and serious opportunities along with their next reliable employer.

You may activate your personal space in the Employer Branding section of the site for 1, 6 or more months.
For further information about how to include your company in the good employers list, please contact our team!

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