What demotivates you most at work?

When speaking of job and job satisfaction, we almost always mention "motivation" and "demotivation" the modern terms describing the presence or absence of willingness to do our job.
What demotivates you most at work?
The presence of the positive, "motivating" factors in our job is not always enough for being motivated. The absence of all secondary and annoying things that bother us every day is also needed. Factors that influence in demotivating manner are quite different for each one of us, but in all cases they have the same affect over our attitude to work this job in this team and in this company.

If we can lean on this polls results we can say that the leading demotivating factor is the attitude of the boss and colleagues to our every-day work. There are some not less irritating factors such as the vague obligations and tolerating the lazy ones in the office.
However, to what extent our motivation and respectively demotivation depend on ourselves and on the managing staff? Does any company need a special policy for increasing the employees motivation?
And if yes who are the responsible ones?

  • Answers
  • Lack of acknowledge from your boss or colleagues
    31.71 %
  • Too much work
    7.12 %
  • Vague responsibilities
    17.32 %
  • Tolerating laziness
    9.14 %
  • Lack of communication
    6.42 %
  • Bad office
    28.29 %