Unleashing Yoour Brilliance - achieving personal, professional and educational success.
Brain Walsh is a North-American international speaker and has a PhD focusing on the Accelerating Learning and many years of experience in Human Resources, Training and Stress Management.
He is also an author of the book “Unleashing your Brilliance”, which contains basic strategies, rules and techniques for achieving personal, professional and educational success.
His prime goal is to help people reaching their maxim potential by learning better new things and restoring their self-esteem.
We tried briefly to summarize a few of the techniques, he speaks about:
1. Set particular goals. Moving into one direction is not completely enough, if you don’t know where exactly you want to arrive. Having a fixed goal in mind assumes perseverance and long-term development.
2. Get out of your comfort zone. Generally, it includes the things we are used to do on every day basis such as the music we prefer to listen, people with whom we communicate, just because they appear to be nice to us or even simple everyday assignments. Moving into the so-called zone of chaos will help us confronting new challenges.
3. Make mind connections and associations when you learn something new. It allows the new information easily to link with that we already have in mind. That strategy, he explains by drawing a concept chart by focusing on the big picture and then filling the gaps by details.
4. Do not say “I don’t have to learn that, I’ve already known it” because it immediately shuts your mind and you will be prejudiced to the new material. He points out: “The brain is like a parachute. It works better when it’s open”. 
5. Drink water. People often disregard the high power of that irreplaceable natural resource. But what is the brain actually? It contains 85% water, covers 2% of the total body weight, takes 20% of our oxygen, consumes 30% of the water we drink and needs 30% of the blood our heart pumps.
6. Go to bed and wake up every day on one and the same exact hour. Your body needs slightly movements from one phase to another, that’s why if you often break the sleep-and-wake up rule you are more likely to feel exhausted and depressed.
Brain Walsh also states that the following these simple rules are up to 3 times more effective than using the repeating method.
We tried and found out that they really work even for short-term achievements.
Brain Walsh’s book “Unleashing you Brilliance” is also available in Google’s online library.