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Headhunting is not a misrepresented hobby of the criminals in United Kingdom. This is a recruitment method that becomes increasingly popular lately. In Bulgaria too.

940 voters total has the weekly poll of JobTiger "What would you do, if a headhunter calls you at work?" and 53.30% of them answer with "What is "headhunter"?". So, if you are one of them, it's time to find out what stands for "headhunting"!
Generally, in the world practice the headhunting is a method for recruitment of high-level employees or employees for key positions requiring a certain combination of professional and personal capacities.

It usually happens this way. While you are at your work place, staring at, for example excel tables, your mobile rings. Nice voice tells you that an impressed of your professional skills employer would like to give you a special offer. You, naturally, get confused. Your colleagues, if there is someone around you, are suddenly interested in your unusual reaction and start staring at you. Do not worry - there is a way out. Just explain to the opposite voice that now is not the right moment and you'd like to talk to him/her later. The headhunter will not get angry with you. The headhunter is used to this situation!