Have you ever thought about the factors that matter the most when searching for a new job? Payments, job place, working time, duties, responsibilities … are these enough for taking your decision for a new job or there are other circumstances pitting the balance? The job offer is quite attractive but you are still hesitating or just the opposite – the job could be much better but you are ready to start?!

Научи повече за себе сиThe obvious factors providing a better life standard and interesting daily life during our working time at first sight are not quite enough for taking the decision for starting a new job. No matter whether we realize it or not, these factors are always put on the test of our inner world perceptions, our personal experience, etc. In other words – our individual characteristics that help us find out which is the right thing.

However, can we define the circumstances that are important only for us and no one else? Or just the opposite – we know they exist, but cannot specify even one of them.

Each one’s choice of a profession or a job is tightly connected not only with the personal qualities and the professional skills (more or less specific) but also with the personal preferences, style and values of the job seeker.

The need of acknowledgement, individual or team work, taking chances or routine activities, working with abstract ideas or mathematical terms and formulas, artistic or creative expressing, socially useful or highly-paid job, automated or open-air job … People’s needs are endless and more than that – we cannot just enumerate them! Because of the unique combinations of all these needs in each one of us!

All too often we hardly define (or think of) our own needs, values and personal style. Too often we choose to do completely different things and afterwards we wonder why the things are not going well or why our colleagues “pedants” annoy us or we are worried to express our opinion and willing for a change.

As much we know ourselves, as much we are closer to satisfying our specific needs - on the working place or outside. As much we know ourselves, as much we can help or colleagues to know us, which is one of best values of the team work.

Which are your leading values and professional need you can find out through our funny instrument "Learn more for yourself!"