But if you do more than you need, you will live in the best way! This is the martial art!

Eastern practices say that the corporal, mental and spiritual are one. The problems of the body lead to imbalance of mind and spirit. Prolonged fatigue of the psyche and mind deplete our energy and finally lead to physical ailments.

"When your mind and spirit are calm, do not let your body into indulence. When your body is at rest, d not spoil your mind. "

Our good shape depends on the proper circulation of energy in us. Where its movement is difficult, where it doesn't reache at all or is in more, inevitably occurs a problem.

How to redistribute energy, if it is in more?
How to regain when you feel weak, exhausted, worn-out?
How to recover tender spot?

Dao teachers say that high blood pressure is often caused by too many thoughts and emotions in our narrow, poor head. Drums beat inside. Everything vibrates. In such cases, we can sit on a chair and put something sharp in the middle of our bare feet. And squeeze. Our thought goes there, the energy starts to follow it. The pain reduces. But why should we get there? Can't we fight things we can't change?

JobTiger and sports club Kyokuten offer you to learn the exercises and movements to harmonize your body, the proper food and regime for yourself and your employees and colleagues.

Make more than you need and live in the best possible way. This is the martial art.
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