People looking for job often seems to forget that they participate in a race … at least until they are felled or discarded several times. Well, so we constantly repeat that you must be trained to be prepared for the race.

In fact, training may prove much more difficult and painful than the mere selection / competition. As an example we'll give boxing although it is not very popular among women.

Do not neglect training for stamina.
There you've watched movies, you've seen boxers who run, jump, go up and down the steps, conquer parks, climb rooftops, forests and all sorts of terrain.Train Like a Boxer... No matter where and how. Boxers must be able to withstand rounds from 10-15 minutes and be ready for tough battle.
Job seekers should be prepared in the same way, preparing for disappointment, using different strategies, learning and implementation of new things. And not only for a particular position, but to build a successful career on the ability to survive, to train, to be in shape to win.

Learn to lose.
Remember that competition is out to beat you (take the job under your nose). Sometimes the opponent is bigger, faster, stronger, but not necessarily better than you. Sometimes to be suitable means to have the exact list of skills, other time - a suitable character. To learn to lose and receive rejections may seem difficult, but is part of the challenges facing the modern man. You should carry on fighting, and not give up! Till the triumph.

Apply strategy.
The term technical knockout is often due to the correct strategy of the winner such as a complete exhaustion of the enemy. The question is whether you use an appropriate strategy when you need? Being aggressive, breathing in the neck of the employer, calling back and sending thank-you notes? Do you know what to do with silence or refusal by an employer? Do you defend your interests by asking the right questions without taking the negative feedback personally? Can you say "no" when the offered position does not meet your interests?

Or use loser's strategies such as being late, unattractive appearance (clothes, hair, shoes, paper documents), CV,which does not comply with the job requirements, no cover letter or copy-paste of stale template, sporadic application to hundreds of different job postings, no records of where and what you applied for… does it make sense to continue?

Strength counts.
Although weightlifting is part of the training, what is more important in boxing is to be able to exert pressure. The same goes for job seekers - to be able to push, bend, stretch the limits and obstacles that appear in front of them. Which leads to contraction or extinction.
Of course, to resist this pressure you need mental stability and strength, as well to endure employers' rejections and to take advantage of them.

Compete to win.
No employer will hand you a job. You have to deserve it, to insist, to win. As in sports, you must know your opponents and their weaknesses. To win, you must know your weaknesses, as well, and to demonstrate your strengths. Make a table with the employer's requirements and what you can offer him to these requirements. Use this tool to prepare for the interview and to know what to emphasize on.

What knockout strategy do you use?
"Winning" must be a major driving force in your job-search strategy. If you do not plan "stunning" victory you will most likely miss the opportunity. To hire you, your employer must like and be impressed by you. Without a plan you are just a boxer, waving his hands until he falls exhausted. Set for success and go!