When you lose your job
Redundancy is something no one wants to happen to them but unfortunately it happens to many of us. You could be made redundant for any number of reasons – not enough profits, takeovers, mergers, and advances in technology, poor management or poor performance.
The important thing is to act (not just react) to it the right way by being positive and looking forward.
Although it can be a hard time when you lose your job here are some important things to be aware of and to do:
  • keep calm (don’t spend your energy in panic and do not take it personally);
  • stay positive and take it as a new and better opportunity for your life;
  • focus on moving forwards rather than looking back;
  • be prepared and aware;
  • get advice from professional career counselor;
  • talk to as many people as possible;
  • take your time and don’t rush;
  • use the time you have smartly – improve your skills and learn something new;
  • do more sports;
  • get rid of some old habits;
  • try new things or try old things in a new way;
  • eat healthy.
Update your CV and motivation letter

No matter you decide to have a rest or to go for a new job immediately you need your documents up to date! Be sure they include all your abilities, responsibilities and achievements. Be sure they look good and structured. Most of the employers like when CVs are not too long but to the point.

If you need to be sure that everything is correct – use a professional career counselor.

Become visible

You’d better spend some time and register in the most reliable job sites so to be sure the employers can find you and reach you!

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