Фирмено парти
Company parties during the holidays, as well as all other time, are one of the key opportunities for knowing better your colleagues, impressing your bosses and meeting the ones you don’t see every day.
Unfortunately these parties are also an excellent opportunity for ruining your reputation, fighting with colleagues or not creating new, potentially beneficial acquaintances.
We will list some of the most frequently met mistakes, admitted during the company parties. Read the carefully, because even some of them seem harmless, other might cost you your job.
  • Do not drink too much alcohol.
  • Do not dress up provocatively.
  • Do not give improbable excuses for your absence.
  • Do not flirt with your colleagues.
  • Do not bring children or uninvited guests with you.
  • Do not complain – you are still at work.
  • Do not be the last one at the party.
Let your reputation lives at least until the next company party! Have fun!