Ice Breaking
No matter if you are sociable enough (extrovert) or uncommunicative (introvert) person you undoubtedly have fell in the situation to be among many people and not feel comfortable. The reasons could vary a lot but there are some things you could do to overcome these situations. Check out what are the solutions of some colleagues who often have to attend such meetings, forums, networking events, etc:
Strategy 1. Make people talk for themselves
Choose someone you like, you admire or want to get information from. Go to him and ask him about his reasons to be on the event. This will make him talk about his interests and expectations which will be a great beginning of the next discussions.
Strategy 2.  Wear something impressive that will attract the attention and will make people talk

The uniqueness and freshness of your idea is more important than pretending to be an idiot or a fatal sexy hero. People appreciate the sense of humour and the authenticity.
Strategy 3. Smile

No matter how uncomfortable you feel in the moment, a smile will not harm you. Quite the contrary – it will ease the situation and will bring good mood to the people around you. And to you as well.
Strategy 4. Ask people around you about their ice-breaking methods

Surely you are not the only nervous one in the group right now. And this question may provoke big interest and create unexpected ways of having fun.
Some traditional ways for breaking the ice on such events are: cards exchange, exploring in advance the attendees, sending emails. Some people aim at getting introduced to at least 5 people on the event, before they fall upon the food and drinks. Other come the event armed with weird, humorous, holistic questions to impress the auditorium. And as a result they get more attention after the official part and more new acquaintances.
Whatever your strategy is, one thing is undoubted – the good business is made with connections, friends, information. As many people you know, as interesting become your life.